How to create a new DB user for CB Server 2.0?

Question: How can I create a new DB user for my SDK app to use to connect to the CB Server 2.0 db?

Related question: Am I right about why I need to do this, that there was a policy change where now a non-admin account is needed by the SDK to access the DB?

Background: I am returning to a CB Server project that is a few months old. When I run the previously-working project, when I try to connect to the DB, I get “The administrative account can no longer be used for data access.” I can log in to the DB as the Admin using the web console, but apparently CB 2.0 was updated to require a non-admin account for SDK access? I then spent over an hour checking the UI and reading CB docs and forums trying to find anything that talked about how to create a user account, and I don’t find anything. I assume there is a command-line I could use?

Would someone please tell me how to create a new non-admin user account?

Ok, so apparently you don’t create a new user, as there is no such thing really.

Instead, you can no longer log in with the admin account, so you log on with the bucket name, and a password if the bucket takes a password.