N1QL in Couchbase Lite 2.1?


From the webinar announcing the new version a week to two ago I got the impression that we could use N1QL syntax in Couchbase Lite 2.1.

I have just read the documentation on v.2.1 and it doesn’t seem this is possible.

Did I misunderstand the announcement - and is there still no N1QL query syntax in Couchbase Lite 2.1?

Thanks in advance!


Sorry, there is not, and we have no plans to add it. (It would require writing a new N1QL parser from scratch, and the parser would add to the binary size, and N1QL syntax errors have been found to drive a significant number of support tickets.)

That’s fair enough. I have created my query using the builders - and I suppose I make that work though I may get some more exiting queries to battle with :slight_smile:

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