N1QL join on password protected bucket

On couchbase server 4.5, with Node.js SDK 2.3.2, I’m trying to run a N1QL statement that contains join between open bucket and another password protected bucket, but I get the following error:

Authorization Failed Keyspace step - cause: Authentication failure.

Is there a solution like this for node.js too? Or the only solution is to run a GET against the N!QL REST service, as per @geraldss suggestion?

I browsed node.js SDK docs but wasn’t able to figure out that.


Adding @ingenthr for the client SDK question.

There is a cluster-level-query feature to achieve this, and you set it up with the credentials for all buckets as required by the query service. It’s covered in the API reference. After passing in a map of buckets to passwords, you can query at the cluster level object. @brett19 may be able to give more info if needed.

There is an open issue (JSCBC-366), but I don’t know the conditions under which it presents itself. It’s scheduled to be fixed in the next maintenance release.