Cluster query problems

In my n1ql-query I’m accessing two buckets (sensors and panels). Before I enabled passwords on the buckets I could simply query either one of them and I would get my result. After enabling passwords I would get rejected. So I figured the solution would be to query the cluster instead of the bucket, but I can’t make it work. At this point I think I have done the authentication correct (no more error 10000 atm), but my query doesn’t get a response. I get no error or response from my couchbase server (my request is simply loading for some 20+ second before stopping). Can’t I query my cluster just like I would query a bucket? Any ideas?

Hey @mortii,

It looks like there might be a bug in the Node.js client causing odd behaviour when accessing multiple password-protected buckets using cluster level query.

You can track the status of this issue here:

Cheers, Brett