Bucket pwd and n1ql query

We are using the latest .Net SDK and are attempting to issue a N1QL query against a password protected bucket. The code works fine against several different buckets on a couple of different Couchbase clusters. However one bucket has a pwd of “@@M4Px:Mp@QG” and for whatever reason the app will not execute a N1QL query (authorization failed error) against this bucket. Doing a get or set operation works fine.

We have created a new bucket with no pwd, tested the code and it worked, then set the pwd on the bucket to the one above and it failed.

We have tried various cbstats calls against the bucket using this pwd and they work fine.

Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any ideas how to fix?

We have dozens of other production services/apps using this bucket with this pwd so changing the pwd is not going to be a trivial operation.