Moxi-cluster issues

Hi, I am using moxi (standalone) to write my sessions. I am seeing weird issues, sometimes I could not find sessionToken on moxi (telnet localhost 11211) where moxi is running but sameToken is present in couchbase bucket (11211). Here we have memcached bucket.

couchbase server version : 2.2 (couchbase servers running in different machines)
Moxi : 2.5.2 ( installed on web machine )
OS : ubuntu 11.04

Couchbase Server 2.2. is long past end-of-life (March 2015). Suggest you upgrade to something newer (e.g. 4.x)

Thank you for the suggestion, Yes we had a plan to upgrade but got delayed by various dependencies. I would love to get a solution on this as I hope many of us might have faced similar issue when running in clusters.