Moving data from old server to new

Hi all,

I have done a cbbackup from one of my company’s Couchbase servers. I want to import that into my local Couchbase, it’s the latest version (3.1.0-1776). When I run cbrestore I get the following error message:

error: unexpected db user version: 2015 vs [2004, 2014], maybe a backup directory created by older releases is reused

The error message is correct (I assume). I can’t see exactly which version of Couchbase the copy comes from, as I don’t have access to it myself. Will check with devops next week.

Can I still import this data somehow? I tried with the flag rehash=1 (long shot), but it didn’t work. What is the recommended way of doing this? I tried installing an old version of Couchbase (the first one that could be installed on a Mac), but it wouldn’t run, or rather, it refused access to the web admin page. I read through the Python source code also for cbrestore to see if I could find any other ways.

Any help would be appreciated. I have used cbrestore before successfully, but not with this data.

This seems to be meant as a mechanism to ensure sqlite schema schema changes that are used for backups aren’t mismatched, but from what I can tell, they haven’t changed.

Edit lib/python/ and find this line, should be about line 31

CBB_VERSION = [2004, 2014] # sqlite pragma user version.

Add 2015 there, right in the middle

CBB_VERSION = [2004, 2015, 2014] # sqlite pragma user version.

And then try to restore.


What’s your src/dest OS? Version number helps too.

src: data source when you back up
dest: data source when you restore


sqlite? that would make sense for couchbase lite but not for couchbase server would it?
edit: cbbackup uses sqlite under the cover, my bad

Let me check exact version numbers, will get back.