Couchbase Data migration from old server to new server

Hi All,

We Have VM where the codebase server version 6.6.5 is installed, now we are creating a new VM and installed couchbase 7.0.3. now we want to copy all data from the old VM to the new VM on couchbase server 7.0.3. How we can do this? Help much appreciated

You should be able to just back it up on the 6.6.5 VM and restore that image on the 7.0.3 VM. The backup version compatibility is listed here:

(If you’re on Community Edition then cbbackupmgr is available in your 7.0.3 cluster and can be used to backup the 6.6.5 cluster.)


@dh Thanks for your reply. small update source couchbase version is 6.6.0 and the target couchbase version is 7.0.3. As per version compatibility, cbbackupmgr should work here. give me one try. will update you if any concerns, once again thanks for your reply

Also checkout XDCR option

The cbbackupmgr is not restoring the buckets ,buckets have to be created before restore .
How it is possible to take full backup and restore it as is ?

XDCR was trying to run from 6.6.5 to 7.0.4 getting error "

Only default collection from source bucket ’ ’ to target bucket ’ ’ on cluster ‘.com’ is being replicated because '.com’ does not have collections capability"

I am not expert on XDCR. cc @hyunjuV

we took backup using cbbackupmgr. create buckets on target then load data using cbbackupmgr restore and then rebuild index.

If you are not familiar with xdcr, then you need to upgrade couple of your cluster nodes to 7.0.3 in your old cluster(6.6.5) and take back from that hosts and try restore it in newly created cluster.Or you have to upgrade all nodes -1 with 7.0.3 version and then take backup and restore it. Don’t upgrade all nodes with 7.0.3. If you do like that we could not do fall back with version 6.6.5. Or if you’re creating scope and collections on your target cluster then you can use xdcr filters to replicate data. For indexes and views admin has to replicate manually.

Or you should try cbtransfer to copy data from source to destination cluster.

cbtransfer-b source_bucket -B Target_bucket http://sourceip http://targetip -u Administrator-p password

To avoid confusion please create same username password on target cluster also.
Do same for all buckets.

XDCR from 6.6.5 (source) to 7.0.4 (target) would not give any warnings about collections since 6.6.5 does not know about collections. So, I believe the warning/info which says “Only default collection from source bucket … to target bucket … is being replicated … because … does not have collections capability” is actually from 7.0.4 (source) to 6.6.5 (target). So, you would be seeing this message in 7.0.4 when doing XDCR from 7.0.4 to 6.6.5. This is a warning/info message to let you know that because 6.6.5 does not know about scopes or collections, only the data in yourbucketname._default._default in 7.0.4 is being sent to the 6.6.5 target bucket.