Move Couchbase from 1 host to another

I have a single node couchbase cluster.(HOSTA) It has 3 buckets, some indexes on it. Its data path is /u01/data. Using node-init data,index path was set to /u01/data
Now I want to move this data to HOSTB. Its a different cluster. I tried to shutdown couchbase on HOSTA and HOSTB. I tried to copy /u01/data to /u03/data on HOSTB. /u03/data is data path for my couchbase cluster on HOSTB.
Now when I start couchbase cluster on HOSTB. No buckets are visible. When I create bucket with same names, data gets automatically populated in it. Indexes are still missing. How can I get indexes too ?
Can I rename some path in some config file and get all data and indexes ?
Goal is to swap data directory to another host and have all data/index ready on new host.

Backup and restore the data with the tools.

I am not looking for traditional backup and restore method. I am looking for something like taking snapshot of data filesystem from HOSTA and putting onto HOSTB
something like
a) Oracle - shutdown/quisce database, take snapshot of filesytem, put snapshot on another host, recreate controlfile and you are all set.
b) Mongo - quisce IO , take snapshot of filesystem, put snapshot on anotherhost, update config and all set.
I am looking for something similar method in couchbase where I can use snapshot to clone couchbase database.

Re-posting to check if anyone has done this successfully.

having the same issue - did you find solution?