Migrate data to another server

Hi all, I’m using couchbase 7, I have two nodes with all buckets in two or three replicas. All nodes deployed under rancher 1, but now rancher server died, still accessing web UI, but cannot add a new node. Please help me move data to another server. Many thanks.

If your on CE cluster there is an old python based backup and restore tool. cbbackup:

cbrestore(a wrapper around cbbackup):cbrestore | Couchbase Docs

If the two cluster can see each other you can do a restore a cluster 1 to cluster 2 by pointing to the URL of the cluster 2. If they can’t see each other just SCP the cbbackup files off cluster 1 and then get them one cluster 2. if backups are “slow” you can change the “threads” in the backup and restore command. Also do not do 100 threads but have 8 core machine. :-/