Couchbase not starting up when snapshoting the filesystem


I am trying to migrate the couchbase server onto another host by snapshoting filesystem with data files.

When I am starting the couchbase serve on another host, with replicated config.dat file, the server starts successfully but the server-list command returns an error showing the cluster is in the below state:

ns_1@cb.local unhealthy active

On investigating further, I found that the logs show an error as below:

** Cannot get connection id for node 'ns_1@'

Can someone please help me with what might be going wrong?

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. There are likely more files and permissions that need to be copied over from the original node, bu in general, we wouldn’t recommend this approach to setting up Couchbase.

Can you help explain a bit more of what you’re looking to achieve with this? Typically we recommend setting up each node from scratch on the system that it is on.

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