Mobile Apps not syncing

I’ve built two of the Xamarin based Couchbase mobile samples: CouchbaseSample.iOS and SimpleAndroidSync. I have both the Android app and the iOS app successfully talking to a Sync Gateway and a Couchbase Server on my OS X Yosemite Mac. I can see the items I enter into the lists in the apps get pushed through to the Couchbase Server, but nothing ever syncs. The apps don’t sync with each other, nor does adding an entry via the gateway REST API cause either app to pick up the new entry.

I’m running with the following configuration:

      "log": ["CRUD+", "REST+", "Changes+", "Attach+"],
      "databases": {
          "sync_demo": {
               "sync":`function(doc) {channel(doc.channels);}`,
               "users": {"GUEST": {"disabled": false, "admin_channels": ["*"]}

Where do I look next to debug this?


Hi Jkoletar,

Can you confirm that syncing is working when you run one of those apps on two devices/emulators?

Maybe there’s a mismatch in the model defined in CouchbaseSample.iOS and SimpleAndroidSync.

Could you paste the links to the repositories for reference? I’ll give this a try.

Inspecting with a debug proxy like Charles or HTTPScoop might help.


Hi James-

Great suggestion to try the same app on two emulators. I was able to run two iOS simulators and see the sync occur between devices.

What could be causing the Android and iOS apps to not sync with each other.


Hello! It seems silly but these two apps were not designed to sync between iOS and Android. The data that they push differs enough that they do not recognize it as valid. They were just designed to get you started quickly on one platform or another.

Thanks, borrrden.

I did figure out that the data is not compatible between the apps. Unfortunately,I arrived at that conclusion after spending a couple hours trying to debug the issue.