Sync gateway is not syncing with Couchbase server in iOS app?

I use the couchbase in our company’s app.
I can push the data to the server, and update. But, when server edit a data, Mobile can’ t recive any data, and can’t query the latest data from server, or update.

If you’re editing docs in the Couchbase Server bucket, you’ll have to have shared bucket access and import docs both enabled.

"enable_shared_bucket_access": true, 
"import_docs": true

I have set those , But It can’t run successfully.
Should I put the server in a docker?

I’m not sure why Docker would affect anything, what is your setup at minute?
Can you also explain what versions of Couchbase and Sync Gateway you are using please?

Is there a bit more detail on exactly what you’re seeing? Are you editing docs with a Couchbase SDK? Does anything related to “import” appear in the Sync Gateway logs when a doc is updated?

Thanks for your replay.
I have resolve the problem.
And I set the server in a docker, all will run successfully.
But I can’t understand why I must use a docker to hold the server?

You don’t need Docker for anything - that’s what I was getting at in my previous reply.

I suspect you’ve fixed the problem unintentionally in the process of switching platforms, but since the details asked for previously haven’t been provided I can’t determine what was wrong.