Migration Issue

is there presently any tool to migrate data from CauchBase to Mysql Database?


Hmmm I do not know if I am allowed to answer this question. I will be pleased to answer the question in the other direction, from MySQL to Couchbase…

Kidding! :wink:

So to migrate data from Couchbase to MySQL you have different options, that are more or less based on the same approach.

1- Use an ETL. May be you know that Couchbase has a connector for Talent ( http://talend.com ). With this tool you can connect to Couchbase, and MySQL and use Talend to do the transformation to move from JSON to a SQL row. You can find more information here:

2- Write you own code to get the document our of Couchbase and write them into you MySQL. I do that in the opposite direction in a Java tool, you can take a look to this here: https://github.com/tgrall/couchbase-sql-importer

3- You can also probably, not tested use the cbtransfer tool that export to CSV and transform it to import it into MySQL: (this one I have not tested in this context)