How to replicate data from Mysql to Couchbase

Hi ,
I am developing social networking chat application using couchbase database for storing chat history i prepared XMPP server to develope chat application . Couchbase doesn’t support XMPP so i prepared MySql database to this task. I need to replicate user details and contact information from mysql to couchbase database…How to replicate data from Mysql to Couchbase ?


You have different ways to “synchronize/replicate” data from MySQL to Couchbase (or in the opposite direction).

  • if you can afford to do that in a “batch” mode you can use ETL tools (Extract Transform and Load), such as Talend. Talend and Couchbase are now integrated : - We are working on a tutorial that shows how to do MySQL->Couchbase

  • you can also in your application, code some logic to copy some information from MySQL to Couchbase, ad you can do that at different level/layer:

    • directly in your application code (you connect to the 2 databases and push to both)
    • in a messaging layer, for example you use a RabbitMQ server to save into MySQL and Couchbase

You really have different options, they are not complex, the important part is really “what/when do you need to copy the data?” and “what is the life cycle of this data?”, …

Also, I am not an XMPP expert, (neither MySQL), but I doubt that MySQL “supports” XMPP, it is more that some XMPP server have been implemented to store the messages and other informations into a MySQL (and other RDBMS). Since most of the XMPP server are open source, it is possible, if you have the time to do the same : create a storage provider for Couchbase.


About the MySQL to Couchbase integration, I have created a small tool to achieve that (at least doing import), it is available here:


Hi tgrall,
Is there way to sync ( transfer ) data from couchBase to mySQL?