How to export/Upload data from RDBMS into Couchbase

Hi Guys,

I need to upload some data from my database (MySQL) into Couchbase and I’m wondering about the most efficient and practical way of doing this.

As I am new to both NoSQL and CouchBase, I would really appreciate some advice.

Looking forward to your answer!



You can use different approaches :

  1. Use an ETL tool like

  2. Create a program with your favorite language that connect to MySQL and Couchbase and copy the data

  3. Use the Couchbase SQL Importer tool, a small utility that I have created to do this:


Moving from MySQL to CouchBase technically is easy. Tgrall shows you a few good ways to do it. The most important part of the move is your plan to map/preserve the relationships between the table/data that you import. Looping through each table and each row then inserting them as a Key=>Value pair is not a good route for migration.