Cbrestore 3.0 version 6node cluster

Hi ,
I have backup of 6node cluster of version 3.0 to restore to same version test server but 2node cluster what i have to do ?Is it possible to restore 6node cluster backup to 2node cluster setup?
Also please advice if same can be done for 4.1 version , i.e, taking backup from 6node cluster of 3.0 version and restoring to 2node cluster of 4.1 version ?
I have used following command so far
cbrestore -b sourcebucket -B targetbucket path http://localhost:port -u username -p password

Hi Kulsam,
Thanks for using our Couchbase Server.
cbbackup and cbrestore do not depend on number of nodes in backup cluster or restore cluster. As in your set up, cbbackup could do backup from a 6 nodes cluster and cbrestore will restore back data in 2 nodes cluster.

Thanks thuan :slight_smile:

I am having 6node cluster backup of 3.0 version

  1. when i try to restore that backup in 2node 3.0 version test server i am getting “list index out of range” error . I tried using -x rehash=1 but it didn’t work.Even gone through file but wasnt able to understand what modification needs to be done as there was no json_file = open(files[0], “r”) .

  2. Same backup when I tried to restore in 4.1 version 2node cluster I am getting some error related to rs_conf column.