MetaDataOverhead Alerts

MetaData overhead alerts, I have a couchbase cluster, with approximately 101 million documents, the average document size is 300 Bytes, and the keySize is 59 Bytes, and a replication factor of 1.

I have full eviction turned on (because many of these documents are stale and may never be used again), We seem to stay in this state for a while (days), because memory usage only rarely exceeds the high water mark. Adding and removing a node, seems to cause the alert to go away (because fewer of the documents are cached).

The standard solution seems to be increase memory, or nodes, but all that will do is increase the size of the set kept in memory (a large percent of which is unused)

I am getting metadata alerts about exceeding 51%, Even though when I look at VBucket resources, the metadata in Ram is less then Userdata in ram, according to VBUCKET Resources, section of stats.

So my questions are

  • What am I missing, in seeing, the actual metadata in ram, (that causes the alert)
  • Is there a way to increase the threshold, so that the popup doesn’t keep on showing in consule, and so the email can mean something again?
  • Would lowering the high water mark cause issues (Will eviction running more regularly lead to something similar to JAVA GC thrashing, with the Pager constantly running, even when I technically have more memory to use)

Couchbase version 4.5 Community