Metadata overhead warning


I am receiving the above alert and although I understand and know what it means its not actually a problem for the solution we intend.
On the monitoring console alerts tab there is a switch to disable this alert however the switch does not work.

The checkbox has “Metadata overhead is more than 50%”, I’m assuming this should disable this alert?
Is this a know problem? Its kind of a problem for us as it makes the console unusable.



Sounds like you have alot of small json objects. Just add another node.

I’m storing binary data but the question is not about what I’m storing, I have fixed why the alert was being generated.
My question is in regards to why the checkbox to disable the alert doesn’t work.


The checkbox for Alerts are only for EMAIL alerts. Also uncheck “Node’s IP address has changed unexpectedly”. 90% of the system I install I always get false positives a few times a week.

In that case then the email alert is not working, I’ve never had any email alert for the meta data error.
Which is probably just as well, if it sends an email for each time the alert happens like you see on the console my inbox would of filled up in seconds.