Reg: meta_data scores


I am looking to do automated capacity checks in couchbase.

which couchbase metrics we need to monitor for metadata taking memory for a given bucket.we are unable to remove a node without getting errors {oom, meta, etc…}) . I know we can add more servers beforehand an that will resolve the issue.

But I am looking for a check which I can perform beforehand from a maintenance,so that I don’t have to spend time on oom, metadata issues while re-balancing nodes.

Please advice, andThanks In advance.


Unfortunately, we don’t have UI stat that monitors meta_data specifically. But typical metadata is around 56 bytes per document, more information here: Reg: meta_data scores
I assume you are using value eviction, which means all metadata will be kept in memory.

The closet one i can think of will be RAM usage. You may want to set up an alert when RAM usage crosses certain threshold.