Metadata overhead warning on non-existing bucket

We are having a very weird issue. We are running couchbase 4.0.

The admin UI keeps throwing alerts like “Metadata overhead warning. Over 73% of RAM allocated to bucket “test” on node “” is taken up by keys and metadata.”

However, we have already deleted that “test” bucket. The alert keeps coming even after the bucket is deleted.

We also checked the data files. No folder named “test” is present in disk.

My questions are:

  1. Is this a bug in Couchbase?
  2. How do we disable this alert?

Thanks for your assistance.

Hi, jzeng,

This is weird. I can’t say whether it’s a bug for sure but this is definitely not a expected behavior.
May I ask you to report this using our JIRA system?

Please provide as many information as possible:

  1. Server version, CE or EE,
  2. Bucket configuration, such as RAM quota etc
  3. How to reproduce it.
  4. Logs if possible.

Please let me know once you filed it.
I’ll ask for reproduce in house before I can confirm whether there’s a bug.