Memcached crashing on older Xeon CPU

I’ve ran into an issue trying to run couchbase (7.0.0) in production. This is an older server - with e5 2670 v3 CPU.

Memcached is not starting and logs this message:

Service 'memcached' exited with status 1. Restarting. Messages:
2021-09-06T19:05:11.445509+00:00 CRITICAL Failed to initialise - CPU with SSE4.2 extensions is required - terminating.

2670 v3 only supports: AVX2

It appears to be triggered by this:

Is there any way of running couchbase on this machine?
Thank you.

Just tried 6.6.3 - no such issue. Hope its just a bug.

Looks like support was dropped for older CPUs

**Minimum Specifications**


2 GHz dual core x86_64 CPU supporting SSE4.2

3 GHz quad core x86_64 CPU supporting SSE4.2 and above

3 GHz six core x86_64 CPU supporting SSE4.2 when using Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR) and Views

Note that SSE4.2 pre-dates AVX2 - it’s been present on all Intel CPUs since Nehalem in 2008. Your CPU is Haswell micro-architecture (see Intel Xeon Processor E52670 v3 30M Cache 2.30 GHz Product Specifications) and does have SSE4.2 support.

If the CPU is not reporting SSE4.2 as available, that suggests it is disabled somewhere - possibly in the BIOS, or if this is a VM then perhaps the Hypervisor doesn’t support it / doesn’t have it enabled.

Thank you, VM was mis-configured. Its running in proxmox - and had to be set to ‘host’ in hardware/CPU field.