Service 'memcached' exited with status 139. Restarting. Messages

I am facing below error most of time and at same time bucket appear down(1 node pending). This error facing just after setting up and Couchbase server even not accessed yet.

Service 'memcached' exited with status 139. Restarting. Messages:
2023-01-11T04:44:44.735996+00:00 CRITICAL     /opt/couchbase/bin/memcached(_ZN15google_breakpad16ExceptionHandler12GenerateDumpEPNS0_12CrashContextE+0x3ce) [0x400000+0x14fc5e]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736000+00:00 CRITICAL     /opt/couchbase/bin/memcached(_ZN15google_breakpad16ExceptionHandler13SignalHandlerEiP9siginfo_tPv+0x94) [0x400000+0x14ff74]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736009+00:00 CRITICAL     /lib64/ [0x7f67cce7e000+0x12b20]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736015+00:00 CRITICAL     /opt/couchbase/bin/memcached() [0x400000+0xd3e93]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736019+00:00 CRITICAL     /opt/couchbase/bin/memcached() [0x400000+0xa3e8c]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736024+00:00 CRITICAL     /opt/couchbase/bin/../lib/ [0x7f67cf6f2000+0x14e7f]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736027+00:00 CRITICAL     /opt/couchbase/bin/../lib/ [0x7f67cf6f2000+0x95d7]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736031+00:00 CRITICAL     /lib64/ [0x7f67cce7e000+0x814a]
2023-01-11T04:44:44.736061+00:00 CRITICAL     /lib64/ [0x7f67ccabb000+0xfcf23] hide 

logs: (1.5 MB)

couchbase server details:

  • Couchbase-server-community-6.6.0-7909
  • Single Couchbase instance(no other cluster node)
  • Installed on Operating System: CentOS Linux 8 (Core) ( Kernel: Linux 4.18.0-348.7.1.el8_5.x86_64)
  • Provided 10GB memory while setup the cluster (assigned 100MB to created bucket of type ephemeral)

I find an issue with a similar (but not identical) message that says
" log message suggest the customer has also encountered MB-41283, fixed in 6.6.1/7.0.0."

So you may wish to try one of those version.

For me it’s working fine in couchbase server community version 7.0.0