Measure ops using jmeter

Hi All,
I want to measure the performance of certain key transactions of our system based on couchbase 4.x version. I use the following Jmeter transactions to create the traffic on syncgw - Login (POST), fetch entity (GET), subscribe entity (GET) etc. So a) how do I translate/measure ops/sec based on these transactions and b) how do I measure the doc size being retrieved or sent to couchbase during these transactions? I am a novice user to couchbase testing. Any suggestion would help.


Hi @bvenkattpt,

It looks like your question is related to Sync Gateway, but I’m not entirely sure since you also mention Couchbase 4.x. In the future, you’ll likely have more luck posting about that in the Mobile forum here: or in the Server forum here:

In the meantime, I’m tagging @jens as someone who might be able to help you.

Hm, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking. And I have no knowledge at all of Jmeter.

(a) Isn’t the ops/sec simply the number of transactions divided by the total time to execute them?
(b) I guess that depends on how the docs for these transactions are being generated. You didn’t create them yourself?