Performance/Load Testing of web application using couchbase db and Sync Gateway


I have a web application build on ionic platform which uses Couchbase db and Sync gateway to synchronize the data between the web browser and sync gateway server.

I tried using JMeter for load testing of the application. JMeter is capturing thousands of http requests with dynamically generated unique url to communicate the pouch db of web browser and the couch base db using the sync gateway call.
Due to this i am not able to proceed further with JMeter.

I tried using Neoload as well but same result.

Can someone suggest me a tool and how to proceed with load testing of such an application.

I am currently having only web in scope and mobile is not considered.

Will appreciate quick help and support.



I am in same boat here, I am kind of outlining a strategy for load/performance test our application, it is pretty much Couchbaser server -> SGW - > mobile application.

Not sure where to start looking? Tagging myself to this post