MDS - setting memory limit for Index and Data Services


I am relatively new to couchbase. I was experimenting with MDS(4.1 EE) and trying to set different memory limits for different services running on different nodes. However i am unable to assign different RAM limits. The indexing service seems to be constrained by the RAM limit set on data service node even though I have a separate dedicated data and index nodes.

In the ‘settings’ page i can see the different RAM limits for Data and Index Services, however when i check the ‘server nodes’ tab it shows ‘Couchbase Quota (794 MB)Total (1.95 GB)’ for the index node. (794 MB was the limit set for data node, for Index it was set to 1400MB)

Is there something which I am missing?


Hi, frodo,

I’m sorry for the confusion in the UI.
Here’s what happens: you have correctly set the indexer RAM settings but UI doesn’t captured it correctly.

I have filed a bug to track this issue and you can see it here:

I’m sorry about the confusion and thank you for the feedback.

Thank you,