Server RAM quota and Index service RAM quota

Is there any recommendation for or relation among the server RAM quota, bucket RAM quota and index service RAM quota? For example, if I allocate 4 GB RAM to a node, how much should I allocate to index services? How do I find out what’s optimal index service RAM quota?

Hi, Asarkar,

Good question !

Sizing can be complicated but it highly depends on your use cases and workload.
We have published some documentation regarding sizing, you can take a look here:

This is an extensive blog on 3.0 as well:
We will update the above blog and come up with recommendation for 4.0 cluster.

Stay tuned.

For your specific question, you need to look into the following considerations:

  1. What’s the query latency you can tolerate?
  2. How much index you want to be in Memory vs disk?
  3. What’s the index mutation rate you are expecting etc.



I’d like to look at this from a different angle. How can I get the data from an existing CB server that can answer your questions? In other words, how do I find out average query latency, index size on memory vs disk and index mutation rate from an existing CB server?