Metadata overhead warnings - which memory quotas should I increase?

My couchbase cluster is often showing warnings about high percentages of RAM being taken up by keys and metadata.

I am in the process of adding memory to my couchbase cluster nodes. Taking them from 14GB to 28GB,
Once all the nodes are upgraded, I will adjust the memory quotas for the cluster according to the docs

At present, my service memory quotas are:
Data: 10035MB
Index: 512
Search: 512

(this is Couchbase CE 6.0.0 for Linux - I plan to upgrade to 6.5.1 in the near future)
I’m a little unclear whether these ‘keys and metadata’ are part of the Index quota or the Data quota - could it help to double the Index quota, and allocate the rest of the extra memory to Data? My application doesnt use Search.

Also, does changing these quotas on a running cluster, cause any disruption to client applications?

I’m aware of a couple of other topics on the Metadata overhead warning issue, this one suggested changing the ejection method on the bucket to ‘Full’ - if I still have problems after doubling RAM and adding nodes, then changing the ejection policy will be my next step