Max user sync sessions


Anyone knows if there a limit on the number of concurrent user sessions (for the same CB account) when it comes to SG replication?

We have a setup where a single CB account is used by many users so sync some public shared data.
It appears that there is a limit which prevents SG replication sessions from being created.


Are you encountering an error or something when trying to replicate? What is the symptom?

Sorry please ignore my original question - My assumption was SG/CB was hitting an internal limit on user sessions but I was wrong. I’ll explain:

I have a setup with one writer (push repl) and many (+200k) readers (pull repls) all using the exact same account & channel. The writer is a .net c# service and all readers are iOS & Android apps.

The last few days the writer kept failing to push any doc inserts/updates. I went through the SG/CB logs and found no errors. After some more debugging I realised that the problem was the actual repl connection. For whatever reason after a certain amount of inactivity the push repl connection stops working and doesn’t recover.

This is the first time I hit this issue after working flawlessly for 2 years so I’m not sure what the root cause is. The code the pushes changes hasn’t changed at all.

As a quick fix, I’ve changed the push repl code to reconnect every so often (30 mins) to ensure updates are being pushed. That seems to work fine. When I have time I’ll debug and figure out exactly what is happening.