Push replication stops with 413 entity too large

I understand from the docs that attachment/doc sizes may not be over 20MB. How does sync gateway treat the case where there are a number of attachments of around 1-2MB that collectively go over the 20MB limit? Getting unpredictable results in testing, where some documents go thru and others fail with 413 and stops push replication on client.

I remember reading in docs that sync gateway should be treating each document as a separate document in couchbase server and should support this use case. There are no conflicts or even multiple revisions that would take the parent document over the 20MB limit in this case…

Maybe the 413 is about the HTTP request body being too large? I don’t think SG’s HTTP server has such a limit, but do you have some gateway in between SG and the client that might have a limit?

Yes that was just what I was about to check next thanks!

Confirmed, reverse proxy throwing the error and not sync gateway. Thanks!