macOS support for Couchbase Lite?

Looking at the Couchbase Lite Obj-C and Swift documentation I see the following… Mac OS is supported ONLY for testing and development purposes.

Is this correct ? I have used CBL 1.4 on macOS for a while and am thinking about moving to 2.7.

macOS for…Java? C#? Objective-C / Swift ?

Looking to use CBL with Obj-C or Swift.

Would you please point me to the documentation you quote?

Navigate to either of these two links to see the warning to use only for testing and development.
Then click on Supported Versions on right.

To my knowledge we do fully support macOS; let me go ask the support team.

Hey @greengreengreen

It took some research but I can say with certainty, now, that we support Lite Obj-C and Swift on MacOS only for testing and development.

Our PM @priya.rajagopal is looking into the situation, though. It may change. Stay tuned.

Thanks Blake for this feedback. I understand about Couchbase Server not being intended for production use on macOS. Indeed a Linux server is better for this task. However I think the ability to sync Mac apps using CBL + Sync Gateway is very useful. I hoped that the new couchbase-lite-core would facilitate more platforms rather than less. For now we will stick with CBL 1.4.4 for macOS.

It’s up to you, of course, but I feel that upgrading to 2.x would still be a better choice. Version 1.x is also unsupported by now, remember. And 2.x is a lot faster and has much more powerful queries.

The lack of official support for 2.x on Mac is because we don’t run our formal integration tests on macOS, but (a) we do run them on iOS, which is 99.9% the same source code, and (b) several of our developers (including me) run and unit-test CBL on macOS all the time during development since it’s easier than using the Simulator or iOS device.

Thank you for this clarification! I’m in the middle of a Mac CBL app and this thread had me a little worried.

Todd Freese

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Happy to update that Couchbase Lite for macOS is supported on prod as well. The “dev/test” statement in document been removed

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That’s great news,


Great News!

Thanks for keeping the Mac Support.