Books/Tutorials on Couchbase Lite for iOS

I am a new developer using Couchbase Lite in iOS with the language Swift. I’ve read the documentation multiple times, however, I am still left confused on how to take advantage of views and queries. I have found one resource, Pro Couchbase Server, which only provided one minimally detailed section on Couchbase Lite for iOS. Are there any resources, other than what I have mentioned, for understanding how to properly structure views and make complicated queries?

Hey @ajohnson,

Have you seen our couchbaselabs GitHub repository. We have a lot of example material there with usually pretty good documentation. For example here are some mini-hacks for mobile:

Let me know if this helps.


I’m also new to CBL in iOS and although most of the documentation and sample code is Objective-C what was really useful to me was to understand the concepts first. The online training videos are great for that purpose, so I suggest you start there and then look at the sample code in the Github repo. Since you can use the CBL SDK in Swift then it becomes a matter of knowing Swift but at least you have the main concepts down.

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where are the videos? @oscarCrowdC