Couchbase Lite in macOS : Catalyst Support

We just identified that Couchbase Lite does not run on macOS? I have seen this has been a topic here but haven’t seen a solution yet? We are planing to implement Couchbase in our application but we have to be sure that Couchbase can run on mac too since all iOS applications will be made available for macOS by the end of this year.

I downloaded the framework, made a new Xcode project and in 10 minutes had an app the saved a document and printed the database count. The framework works. If you can provide reproduction steps to show how it does not work then maybe we can identify a problem.

Our developers downloaded the project, started a singe view iOS application, tapped on macOS and tried to build it. The pod we tried is ‘CouchbaseLiteSwift’. Can you please try that yourself ? If it works, please provide a link to the project.


All information that would have been useful in the initial post rather than just saying “macOS does not work.” In fact it’s even incorrect -> macOS Catalyst and macOS are not the same thing. macOS Catalyst is not a priority at the moment. There are a number of oddities in dealing with it that make it difficult to deliver, but we welcome PRs on how to build it correctly.

I understand this wasn’t a big deal in the past since developers preferred to distribute desktop apps without the mac AppStore. However, Apple unveiled on WWDC 2020 that all existing and new iOS apps will be made available for macOS. All developers on the Apple ecosystem, who use Couchbase will experience a significant loss in users. Mac only apps never have been a big deal for developers, and they might completely die out with the introduction of macOS Catalyst. I hope you can adapt to that and don’t lose all your Apple developer costumers over the next year. Meanwhile, we will try our luck with MongoDB.

A related update - Mac Catalyst support is available in Couchbase Lite 2.8.4. This is distributed as .xcframework via our downloads page or via Swift Package Manager.