Localhost:8091 Login Failed after install?

I read all similar posts and nothing works…

Sorry, but nowhere in your get-started desc :

stands something about the login Name and Password, which i must set in a normal installation of a Software first, and then i know the password also

i taste all Password’s and Username’s i know and nothing works.

I don’t know why you doesn’t wrote about it in your get started…

Step 3

Log in to the Admin Console (http://localhost:8091)
//here// is nothing
Go to Settings > Sample Buckets
Install the sample buckets
Navigate to the bin directory:

A lot of new possible Users get confused about that.

PS.: the cbreset_password tool also doesn’t work

If I make a big mistake I’m sorry .

Thanks with best regards


The login and password are defined by the person that install Couchbase. Can you tell us how you installed it?