Load one bucket ˜40k documents causinh slowness

Hello guys, I’m using CB Lite 1.4 in an android application, I’ve a bucket with ~ 40k documents, would like to export a bucket by parts or filter it to my problem is loading as 40k at a time causing a slowness in the application? , can anybody help me?

I’m use sync gateway.

Have you looked at Sync Gateway channels for filtering?

Yes, I’m using, but I only have one channel, how would I filter the data that is in this channel?

Creating one channel and then putting everything into it is the same as not having any channels at all. If you want to filter your data futher, make more channels. They exist to filter data in domain specific ways.

I understood, this was my question if I really would have to change the CBL or handle this in the app. There are already other channels but as I am giving maintenance to this app was seeing other possibilities, I will try to split this channel from ~40k documents into smaller ones calling one at a time in the app, thanks for the idea.