Slow Replication For Very Few Documents in a channel

We are experiencing slow pull replication with Sync Gateway v1.3.1. There are about 60 documents included in the channel but it always take about 5 minutes for the replication to finish. We are using couchbase lite android as the client.

I’ve uploaded the part of _dump/channels that pertains to the channel we are trying to replicate (2.9 KB)

Any ideas on how to speed up the replication process?

@gino how are you testing pull replication, is this from a mobile client?

Have you tried calling the /db/_changes feed directly on the REST API and see if the replication time remains high.

@andy Thanks for your reply. We are using couchbase lite for android. I tried calling /db/_changes. What should I check there? Also how can I use this to speed up the replication process?

Can you check the time it takes to run /db/_changes directly on the Sync Gateway via the REST API. How does it compare with what you observed when you ran replication from the mobile app with CBL .