Couchbase Lite 3.0 gets full


i have a Q about the lite Ver
i keep getting this on each doc i save
rev #13683-db802ea9ce87bd9ded787a35283a25c9eb09902f as seq 30315
and it the local DB get so laggy after few days which i am not sure how i clear the DB and use purge not delete
also i do not use sync gateway at all

any advice thank you

Really not sure what you are asking, here.

Maybe you could say a bit more about what you are doing: What OS are you running on? What version of CBL are you using, and so on.

The string you mention is a revision number. All documents have them. I’m not sure what you mean when you say that you are “getting” it?

A little more information and we can probably help.

i am using CBL 3.0.2 an that revision number is it possible to disable it and if it is from where i am using my own IDs for some reason it takes me around 4 secs to save a DOC from the app after few days of usage which it is a lot comparing to 120MS after i install the app something is happing to the DB after i upgraded from 2.8 to 3.0.2

please if you have any advice let me know

thank you

more over Just to add i do not use sync gateway at all i have my own APIs and Web sockets which are all custom and works which i PUSH to it

my app is done with Kotlin on Android OS

If you simply mean that your application gets slow after saving a large number of revisions on a single document, I think it is probably related to this issue (it was filed under C, but it is an issue in the library core which all platforms use). It is fixed now and will be in the 3.1 release, and any future 3.0.x releases if and when they are scheduled.

is there any way to disable it all together for not being used bec to be honest the server handles everything not the mobile and we have some clients that we testing the beta with that has over 150k in doc on a device

please let me know if there is a way to disable it all together

thank you

Disable…what exactly?

the revisions to be Disabled all together or if there is away i can set the limit to 1 i looked all over and i saw and read people were saying they can do revs_limit=1 but i am not sure where i need to put that i do not have access to it

i have this couchbaseVersion = ‘3.0.2’
for android

thank yo u

revs_limit=1 is for Sync Gateway, not Couchbase Lite. There is no provided way with the Lite API to alter the number of revisions saved into the database. Furthermore, as long as we remain with the revision tree history strategy, the revision ID is never going to change from that way it is (it’s basically the most fundamental technique of the entire library), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that thousands of revisions are saved in the database. The bug I mentioned involves replication but if you are not using Couchbase replication then I don’t think you’d be hitting it. Just because you have a revision ID with a high generation number doesn’t mean that many revisions are saved on the disk. It is just a marker for how many times it has been modified.

If you have a simple reproduction case then someone can probably take a look at it to see if it reproduces and we can identify a potential performance issue.