JcekskeystoreProvider library missing in SDK v2.7 and v3.0

We are trying to PoC Java SDK for enabling data encryption at field level.

Latest SDKs misses the api JceksKeyStoreProvider. Can anyone pls help with an alternate approach.
Note: Tried in SDK 2.7 and 3.0

@Nareshhkumar512 What version of Couchbase Server are you using? Field level encryption is available in our Enterprise edition , please look here https://www.couchbase.com/products/editions search for field level encryption

Hi Naresh,

The JceksKeyStoreProvider class for SDK 2.7 is in a separate library (it’s released under the Couchbase Enterprise Subscription license instead of Apache 2).


SDK 3 does not yet have support for Field-Level Encryption (FLE), but we will be adding it soon. We’re cleaning up a lot of the FLE interfaces for SDK 3 and adding support for transparent encryption/decryption during Jackson data-binding.

If you’re an Enterprise Edition customer and would be interested in testing a pre-release version of FLE in SDK 3, let me know and I can try to make it happen.


@david.nault Thanks for the information, we tried adding the mentioned dependency. It works as expected. We are already working with your team for our Proof of Concept needs. If you can share the v2.7 vs v3.0 SDK comparison doc that would be helpful.

@Nareshhkumar512 Here is what we have: The Couchbase Java SDK 3.0 is a complete rewrite of the 2.x API, providing a simpler surface area and adding support for future Couchbase Server features like Collections and Scopes (available in Couchbase Server 6.5 as a developer preview). The (reactive) API also migrated from RxJava to Reactor , along with other improvements to performance, logging, debugging and timeout troubleshooting. If you’re upgrading your application from Java SDK 2.x, please read our Migrating 2.x code to SDK 3.0 Guide.