Field Level Encryption (SDK 3.x)


I have started migrating our code from 2.6 to 3.0 and am struggling to find information on the field level encryption topic. Previously we had:

How is this to be achieved now?

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unfortunately field level encryption has not been ported over to SDK 3 yet - it is in plan to do so but nothing has been released yet. If you can wait a little longer we’d ask you to do so … If you need it right now I think you need to build your own field level encryption logic on top of SDK 3 and later migrate.

Hi daschl,

Thank you for the quick response.

Do you have any rough estimation on when it will be available?

Also is there some guide/example on building custom logic on top of the SDK?

Depending on when it will be available and the complexity of building custom logic, we’ll make a decision whether to go ahead with the upgrade or postpone.


@petarst the only estimation I can give you is “a couple months”. We have the old implementation as a baseline, but we got some customer feedback (as well as internal one) and since this is a new major release take thee opportunity to improve on it.

Building custom FLE logic on top would not be different than any other of your custom logic. You can either write the encoded field value into a JsonObject/JsonArray or create your own JSON blob and store/read it with the raw transcoder.

Oh so simple as that, not sure why my mind was going in another direction when thinking about this, had to actually re-visit the overview to see that the server is not aware in any way about the encryption and it’s all on the client side.

Alright thanks for the feedback. We’ll take it into consideration and most probably move forward with the upgrade.


Hi, just dropping by to let you know Field-Level Encryption 2.0 for Java SDK 3 has been released.