Issue in couchbase version 4.5.0

I am using couchbase version 4.5.0 on windows server 2012r2. Sometimes couchbase server is not responding. when I check error in log file I found so many error. I can not get idea from log. can you suggest me why these errors come?
I have attached log files.

@vishal199028 Is this your Developer environment or a production server? We no longer support 4.5.0. Can you upgrade? I will go through the log files

Looks like it`s an answer :sweat_smile:

This is our production environment. If this error is specific to this version only then we will upgrade. Have you found any issue from log files?

@vishal199028 There are 2 issues I see with the partial information you have provided (Best thing to do is do cb_collect that will give complete picture). Indexer service seems to be not responding sometimes (don’t know the reason as I have incomplete information) I see crash of mochiweb_acceptor

Thanks @raju for your reply However I am not sure why no longer support of Couchbase Server 4.5.0 (community edition) as I can’t see any such information on release note for the same on What’s New? | Couchbase Docs Archive

Could you please help me where to get information for active support for Couchbase Server(community edition) as I am not able to find it anywhere. Also as I can see on download page(Best NoSQL Database | 30-Day Free Trial | Couchbase) Couchbase Server 4.5.1 available in list of community edition but not on Enterprise edition to download.


Community Edition couchbase server is supported by the community. To get support from Couchbase, use Enterprise Edition.