Is there an official instruction for migrating app from mongodb to couchbase?

how to migrate one app on mongodb to couchbase.
Kust wonder if there is a official instruction to migrate mongodb to couchbase?


I don’t think that we have official instructions to migrate, because this heavily depends on the type of the application. Since both are document stores they migration process shouldn’t be painful.

I recommend you to think about the following:

  • MongoDB stores BSON, in Couchbase you want to store your data as JSON. Make sure that all those custom BSON types are converted properly.
  • Couchbase requires unique document IDs. You can use the IDs assigned from mongo, but you can do much more if you define your own ones. The more time you invest in trimming the documents to couchbase access patterns, the more you get out of it (performance and flexibility).
  • Make sure to use our official SDKs.

If you provide us with more specific questions we’re happy to help!

If you are also looking into paid support, we have excellent engineers who are going to help you throughout this process.