Newbie Needs to be Pointed to Instructions

Hello Everyone. I need help with the following.

  • Please point me to a document(s) on flattening a relational schema into couch documents. Examples preferred
  • Please point me to the simplest instructions on storing a BLOB like pdf, xlsx or images in CouchDB. The simpler the instructions, the better. Like 1,2,3.

Thanks ya’ll!

Hi @Adrienne,

Here’s some info on going from relational to document-oriented data modeling: Data Modeling Basics.

Two blog articles on storing non-JSON content:

I hope that helps!

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Thank you @jkurtz. I read the articles. I couldn’t find a date on the Storing Blobs article but i’m disappointed by the chucking in/concatenating out design. Do you or anyone you know of implement this on a large scale?

You may want to look at other options besides Couchbase for storing your binary data. This article gives some reasons why you might want to do that or at least create a hybrid approach with metadata in Couchbase and documents stored elsewhere: It’s a Mediocre Idea to Permanently Store Large Objects in a Database.