Migrating from CouchDB to Couchbase


Is there a tool that would facilitate the migration between CouchDB and Couchbase? I have a ~10 million doc CouchDB database and was wondering if there is an easy way to move it to Couchbase.

I could potentially move the doc by doc_type and batch them in % 2500 doc sets, but before I attempt to do so, I would prefer if others have tried this or some other routes.


Are you planning on using Couchbase Sync Gateway for mobile?
If so, you could initiate a push replication from CouchDB to Sync Gateway.
All documents will get stored in the Couchbase Server bucket specified in the config file.

If you are not planning on using Sync Gateway, then this guide has more info. It looks like you would have to write your own import script to get documents from CouchDB, transform them if necessary and save them to CB Server. Progressing through the _changes feed in batches is one option for doing that.


No, I wasn’t thinking about using Sync Gateway. I wanted to import the CouchDB database to evaluate Couchbase. Thanks for the help.