Is there a way to get a list od active connections?

I am wondering if there is option in couchbase 6 to get a list / Detail about active connections ? I can see that i am running about 8K open connection which seems to be way to high so i want to see what client / app is keeping the connections hang around that long.

You can check the output of netstat to see which IP’s are connecting and where most of the connections are coming from. You possibly want to grep for port 11210 or 11207 (if you are using SSL). The Web UI will provide you with a general count, under the “connections” stats.
8K sounds like a large number … it depends on the number of bucket you have in the cluster, the number of SDK clients connecting to the server, and also depends on how you open these connections.
Which SDK do you use? How do you establish a connection to the Couchbase Server ?

Thanks, that’s not what i was looking for as this only will get me the connection based on the OS layer. Will not tell me what user is taking up the connections. In SQL Server there is a nice tool which allows you to trace all connection and query’s which is quite helpfull but something similar to this does not exist for Couchbase

You can use the mcstat tool to get the connection count. Something like:

/opt/couchbase/bin/mcstat -b <bucket_name> -u <username> -P <password> -h localhost  | grep "curr_conn"

If you want more information about the N1QL queries running, you can check the UI query monitoring page. Please see