List Distinct IP's connected to bucket

Hey All,

Have a bit of an issue here. There is something on my network that is adding bad data into my bucket and i can see there are ~200 connections in the console but i have no idea where those connections are coming from. Is there a way i can dump the list of IPs that are connected to the bucket so i can track down who is adding all this bad data to my bucket?

If you are running on a linux server you may use the program lsof to list the open sockets on the process named memcached. Unfortunately you’ll get all connections to memcached and not just limited to a single bucket. In the future you will be able to query this information from couchbase itself.

Btw. it would probably be easier to use wireshark on the node and look at the traffic going to the node to identify where the bad data is coming from…

Hey Trond,

i gave wireshark a shot but i couldnt decipher the data, you wouldnt happen to have a like to a nice guide would you?