Couchbase Session Count


I am using Couchbase 6.6 community version. I want to find out the total number of active sessions of buckets in couchbase via PromQL query in Grafana (8.2.2 version). I wrote a query like this in Grafana, but I’m not sure if it gives me what I want.


I request your help in this matter.

The webui → Query → Monitor uses:

select active_requests.*, meta().plan from system:active_requests

Thank you for your feedback. I want to take this measurement not with the couchbase query, but with PromQL on grafana. Can I write a metric that satisfies this?

The n1ql_active_requests metric gives the number of active requests. Remember though that the Query service is stateless - you will only see a non-zero value when requests are actually running (when the metric is gathered). This metric of course doesn’t include SDK direct connections to the KV.


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