About P2P replication with couchbase lite 2.0

can I replication between android device without sync_gateway? for example: android to android, one android device is a server, and others android replication via the android server.


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In 1.x, we provide a listener that will allow you to sync documents p2p without need for a SGW . We provide the building blocks. You are responsible for building the device discovery & management logic that goes with it. Please refer to this related post.
There are plans for p2p for 2.0 but it may not be available in Developer Preview builds.

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 thank you for reply. our company using couchbase server 50 & sync_gateway 1.5 & sdk for node.js Developing a set of restaurant management software. Ask one more question, when will the Developer Preview builds release?

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We have been having Developer Preview (DP) releases almost every 2-3 weeks for past several months. We are at DP 21 now.

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We develop the restaurant manager system will be test run.We are most in need of P2P synchronously, may you send enterprise version of the quotation to me?
Ask a question, now db21 version of the synchronous will be have conflicts, My colleague asked the question
on the forums, The answer is: db22 edition will solve. when will the db22 version release?

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You may want to reach out to @ssmotra directly on this .

I am not entirely clear on the question /issue here

DB releases - typically we do it every couple of weeks. So hopefully in a week or two (@daniel.petersen ?)

Also, you may want to turn off quotes when you post unless it is in fact a quote from someone - otherwise gets confusing to read .

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