Couchbase Mobile 2.0 vs Couchbase Mobile 1.5


We are starting a new project and our solution include CB Server, CBLite and the CB Sync Gateway. We wonder if it is a good idea to adopt the new CB Mobile 2.0 since it still a Beta version? We plan to start the production next December, will the 2.0 version be enough mature at this time?

Do you recommand us to start using CB 2.0 or to stay safe with the 1.5?


Hi Patrick,

2.0 is heading for general availability. I don’t know exact dates, but it should be out long before December, with plenty of time for any stability patches and dev time on your side.

You may want to note 2.0 will not have all the features of 1.x. Many will go into 2.1. So just be sure 2.0 as you see in beta has everything you need. We’re still potentially open to taking in feedback, so if you run into something that’s a real issue, please let us know.


I would recommend 2.0. It’s much faster, and the query system is easier and more powerful. The GA release will be very soon.

As Hod said, 2.0 is missing some features from 1.x. This was necessary because 2.0 is a nearly-complete rewrite, and all the features have to be ported over or reimplemented. We’ve tried to provide the features most developers will need, but others will be coming in version 2.1, 2.2, etc.

Take a look at the feature set and API, and if something’s missing that you need, then we would very much like to know, so we can prioritize future feature development.

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Thank guyz you for the reply. Is there somewhere a summary of features from 1.x that are’nt implemented yet?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

Thanks for the support. It is appreciated.