Ipv6 compatibilty


in the moment we evaluate the usage of couchbaseserver.

We run into one large show stopper for us. It seems that the ipv6 support in couchbase serveris very bad or missing.

With some changes in the files the server is now running on ipv6. The Webadmin is now behing an http reverse proxy and the replicaton runs only with ipv4 ( RFC198 not routed, we can’t route ipv4 any more).

For me It looks like that there is a very old erlang in use. Newer erlang versions have ipv6 support enabled.

I can’t even find any informations about it in your documentation. We have here ipv6 only networks, no ipv4 available.

Thanks for your feedback yes we understand that support for IPv6 is important. We have prioritized this feature request here is the JIRA issue MB-10409 for tracking.

Thank you!

Anil Kumar

Are there any news? Will this be changed with 4.5?

Sorry for delay in response.

Nope it is not targeted for 4.5 but the next release after that Spock [code name for next release] as you can see in ticket MB-10409.


I want chime in and add that my employer is vetting all software for IPv6 support and Couchbase is one of the few with a noticeable lack of IPv6 support, are there any roadmap updates for IPv6 support?

Hi Ryan, As you can see from JIRA ticket MB-10409 this is prioritized as critical in our roadmap. Currently this enhancement is ‘in progress’ and planned to be shipped in Spock.next release vehicle. Thanks!

Is it now fixed in 5.0 beta? Or still only legacy ip?

Just to follow up on this, Couchbase Server now supports IPv6: https://docs.couchbase.com/server/5.5/install/ipv6-setup.html