Filtered push replication in CB Lite 2.0

CB Lite 1.4 has a push replication filter that specifies a subset of local documents to be pushed. When will is this feature planned to be included in the 2.0 developer builds ?

That feature will not be available in the 2.0 release, but we are currently considering it for a future one. In the meantime, the DocumentIDs property will allow you to select which documents to include in the push replication.

This is a showstopper for us, and preventing us from using the 2.x codebase. When are you guys adding this?

We are paid customers, and since you no longer support our code branch, the response is always upgrade to 2.x, it seems absurd that such a critical feature is left out on your only supported platform.

We built our document model around suggestions by your staff, and now we have a large mix of dynamic documents that are local only, and some that are replicated. Changing the doc id filter and restarting replication repeatedly is not a workaround.

We understand that this is not ideal. I have send you a DM.

For those who are curious, we settled on a separate Database for the documents that get pushed, thus no longer requiring filtering. Filtering would still be ideal, but this works well for a workaround.


Adding couchbase observer in CB Lite 2.0

i having one method :

func getFlight() {

let arrival   = getArrival 
let departure = getDeparture

return to ViewController


func arrival () {

//cblite query to get data

func departure () {

//cblite query to get data


Now the problem is , when first time data sync , it doesnot return all values , so i sometimes data shown sometimes not , so i need to add observer could you help me on this , as i am new to couchbase lite 2.0

when first time data sync , it doesnot return all values

Replication is asynchronous, so the documents will be pulled in one by one.

so i need to add observer

Have you looked at the Query API to add a listener/observer? What problems are you having with it?

Please refer to the samples and docs for code snippets on how to add change event listeners.

Also, your question appears to be unrelated to the discussions in this thread. In future, please start a separate thread for a new question

We are upgrading from CBLite 1.4 to 2.1/2.5. Do we have push replication filter available any of these versions?

2.5 has added filtered replication. I have not personally tested it out yet, but it is on the release notes.

Thanks @tritzer. I’ll check it.

FYI - replication filters in 2.5

Thanks @priya.rajagopal